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ג'אנר: מטאל סימפוני

יעל הורביץ - שירה
עופר פרידמן - גיטרה, בוזוקי, קולות
שני פרידמן - גיטרה
פבל קליימן - בס
יובל פרטוש - תופים
רותם סעדיה - קלידים
נועה פרידמן - צ'לו, קולות
הילה סיטבון - כינור

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Symphonic metal act StormbounD is an astonishing combination of well-crafted instrumentalism and the breath-taking vocals of the lead singer Yael Horwitz. The band is the musical theater that will carry you everywhere from the angelic to the diabolic, from joyous harmony to the sheer loneliness, and from the beauty to the beast.
The band was formed in 2017 in Tel-Aviv, Israel by bassist Pavel Kleiman and guitarist and vocalist Ofer Friedman. Next to join were Ofer's wife Shani Friedman on guitar, Yuval Partush on drums, Rotem Sadia on the keyboard, and Yael Horwitz as lead singer. All members of the band are well-established professional musicians.
Shortly after its formation the group began writing and performing and made a unique mark in the local heavy music scene. The band took part in all major metal events and festivals in Israel, opened for Epica at their concert in Tel Aviv, and its shows are sold out. The band has released four videos so far for the songs "Desert's Roar", "Altar of Innocence", "Child's Play" and "Flying High".
During the summer of 2022, the band released its debut 
album "December", and it has been recieving great compliments from countless metal magazines and songs from it are getting a lot of airplay on different radios and playlists all over the world.

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