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ג'אנר: מטאלקור/אלקטרוניקור

דניאל בארון - שירה
יוסי יוסף - גיטרה בס/שירה
יאן ווינר - גיטרה
מיכאל דרגילב - גיטרה
חן ג'יאן - קלידים

עומרי נצר - תופים

Stained With Silver
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A unique band from Tel Aviv, Stained With Silver combines electronic & synth instruments with a complex texture of metalcore, deathcore and djent - delivering a heavy, hard-hitting sound fit for the new millennium
their debut EP, "Before The Heavens" was released in 2021, at the peak of COVID-19
The band was highlighted by numerous media sources as an upcoming young band
All through out 2022, the band began to play at venues in all around Israel and started to build up a dedicated local fan base that followed them to every single show - Also including local metal festivals that the band performed at
."At may of 2022 the band released their single - “Apart
which took the scene by storm and has hit the band's top charted song in a matter of days

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