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ג'אנר: פאנק רוק

קורי בן יהודה - שיקה
נדב רותם - גיטרה בס
אופק כהן - גיטרה
יוני צברי - תופים

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After a decade of 4 releases(including re issues of the debut album “All Over” by Redfield Records and collabs with Italian band “Slander”),and ofcourse ENDLESS euro tours.
KIDS INSANE feels like they succeeded in concluding the most defining aspects of their band in this release with no fillers.
The release opens with a statement, The song “Won’t Stop Now” declares that after all these years of the band, they are sure not stopping for anyone, if its world problems such as the economy and political structure crumbling or even having small problems like our van getting stuck on tour, this won’t stop kids insane from creating and having their say put out there.
Songs like “Room For Terror’ set a more cynical and political tone of saying “Yea, i guess if the political condition in the middle east is at its worst it’s ever been, what we sure need now is even some more terror” NOT.
“Who’s The Enemy” suggests that maybe instead of fighting each other in the small communities we have we need to remember ato ask ourselves who is the real enemy, and what brought us to demand social and political justice in the first place?
We tend to get too caught up in ego and that leads us to unjustified hatred and missing our basic intention.

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