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ג'אנר: דת' מטאל

אורן בלבוס - שירה

אופיר לוי - גיטרה 

גאי גולן - גיטרה בס

רן המאירי - גיטרה

ניר ברוך - תופים

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Evolution comes through damage. Each time a cell splits - a change comes into the world. These damages brings change and the organism evolves through the cracks of disruption. DPS (Damage Per Second) aims to damage the shape of Metal through extreme atmospheres and harsh sound.

Started as a mass of shapeless matter, by a Guitar (Ophir Levi) and Drums (Michael Isaac) duo, DPS evolved along several years, into a solid metal machine, while working on its debut album: "Ghosts". During this evolution, the formation of the line-up continued, bringing some of Israel's metal scene veterans together with the scene's younger blood, adding Oren Balbus (ex Eternal Grey) on vocals, Guy Gargi Golan (ex Spawn of Evil, Babylon Awaits) on bass, and Ran Hameiri (Imagenaerum) on guitars.

After a successful single release and playing the whole album during a packed premiere show, DPS had to face a damage of its own. In early 2020, Oren was diagnosed with cancer, leading to emergency chemo sessions, a battle for both him and the band. While Oren is fighting through the disease, DPS released two more singles and finally – after the clean scans returned – Ghosts was released on July 2020.

After Michael Isaac departure from the band in 2020, DPS was joined with drummer Nir Baruch.

These days, the band is working on new materials and getting ready to bring the damage to the stage again.

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