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ג'אנר: מטאל מלודי

אלכסי ריימר - שירה
אלכס זבולון - גיטרה
אולג אריוטקין - קלידים
סאשה לטמן - גיטרה בס
אלכסי רוזנברג - תופים
לאדה רד - שירת ליווי

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DESERT is a melodic war metal band active since 2005 originating from an actual Desert in the Middle East. The band sounds like a heavy riffing mixed with oriental motifs, with anthemic choruses. The band makes emphasis on clean male vocals and heroic themes, coupled with big sound that was described by media as “battle tanks rolling”. During the years the band released demo, EP and 4 full length albums that were released thru European labels and received great reviews across the world. The band’s songs are about influential historical figures and events, from Europe to Middle East. Desert’s music is available on all streaming platforms. Across multiple albums, the band released studio tracks featuring vocalists Chris Boltendahl (Grave Digger), Joakim Broden (Sabaton), Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear), Georg Nauhauser (Serenity), Yossi Sassi (Orphaned Land) and other European and Israeli established artists. Following the albums success, the band performs regularly as main act as well as support act for biggest acts in the genre. Over 200 shows in 20 countries, including Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Russia, Italy, France, Bulgaria, and others. Desert played shows with (not including festivals) with best of rock and metal acts such as: Sabaton, Grave Digger, Elvenking, Blind Guardian, Battle Beast, Circle II Circle, Tim Ripper Owens, Eluveitie, Moonspell, Stratovarius, Frozen Crown, and many more. Desert has organized/hosted/produced shows and festivals in Israel including best of European acts, such as Civil War, Battle Beast, Master (Rus), and more. To date, Desert has completed 3 extensive European Tours as well as countless fly-in shows and festival appearances on stages of all sizes and shapes, ranging from intimate clubs to major festival stages. Desert are focusing on good working attitude, professionalism, precise performance, and teamwork with crews and promoters.Desert is known for and is taking great pride in its polished, energetic, in-your-face war-metal live show, with great sound as visual components.

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