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ג'אנר: מטאלקור

בן סעדה - שירה
אליאב תורג'מן - גיטרה

איליה קיסליצין -  גיטרה בס
ניר לברשטיין - תופים

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The band was formed in 2009 by Eliav Torjman in Modiin, Israel while going through high school. In 2010 Yuval Sarfati joined as Lead guitar. Later on that year, Canine started to perform all over Israel and developed their groove metal sound. The band released their E.P. - 'Degeneration' in 2011. Eliav and Yuval decided to take the next step and bring the band to a new level while still performing. These two founding members dealt with lineup changes and military service in the IDF, but kept believing in their dream and had not given up.
In the year of 2014, Eliav decided to step down from being the vocalist and introduced Ben Saada (Ex- Eyes Sewn Shut) as the new vocalist. With the addition of Bar Sasson (Ex- Eyes Sewn Shut) on the bass, they were ready to hit every stage across the country. These additions to the band took them in a new direction and re-established their music to a more metalcore and groove-oriented sound. While working hard in the studio, the band grabbed second place in the Israel Metal Battle 2017.
In November 2017 Canine released their debut album 'The Uprising'. After a year of touring all over Israel and establishing themselves as one of the strongest live shows, Nir Leberstein decided to join as a full member of the band after 2 years of session work, helping Canine with recording their debut album and performing it, as a result, Canine decided to return to the studio and work on their next release.
Recently, Yuval Sarfati and Canine decided to go on different paths due to creative differences. 2019 Marks a new beginning for the band Now as a four-piece band, with an updated sound, and big plans for the future.

In 2019 the band went on tour in Russia with “The Black Dahlia Murder” working with “GoLoud” Agency to boost the band's widespread appeal in these areas.

A year later the band and their bass player Bar Sasson decided to move in different directions musically and he left the band.
After 4 years of intense work in the studio environment experimenting with different production methods and recording techniques. As well as many hurdles and changes to the band’s lineup

Ilya Kislitsin has joined the band as its bass player and “Perception” was born and will be released in 2024 marking a new page in the band's career, both sonically and aesthetically.

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